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  1. Eshopps Super Spy Coral Viewer Medium 6in Diameter

    • Cylindrical viewer acts like a scuba mask to reduce surface distortion so you can better view corals and other items in your tank
    • Surface coral viewer allows a clear view of corals in your aquarium from above
    • Large viewing surface is ideal for taking photos inside your aquarium
  2. Eshopps Magnetic Probe Holder

    Made of acrylic, this aquarium probe holder is a secure and reliable placement and holes up to three probes to test different aquarium parameters.
  3. Eshopps Tanklimate Acclimation Box Medium 12x5x6

    Dimensions: 12x5x6
    Magnets: 2
    Dividers: 2
    Tank Usage: 10-50g
    Frag # Hold: 12

  4. Eshopps Tanklimate Acclimation Box Small 6x4x4

    Dimensions: 6x4x4
    Magnets: 1
    Tank Usage: 10g



4 Item(s)